Asbestos Roof Coatings

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Asbestos Roof Coatings

Does the roof of your industrial or commercial building leak when it rains? Do you want to protect the value of a building that you own? Or meet your dilapidations obligations as cost-effectively as possible on rented premises? There’s a wide range of asbestos roof coatings for problem roofs. But they’re not all the same, which is why it’s vital to choose the right system, and the right specialist contractor.

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More about repairing asbestos roofs with coatings

If you have an asbestos roof and want quick, cost-effective repairs, you should consider roof coating. Done correctly, this is a proven way to seal and refurbish your roof – without the business disruption that other methods can cause.

Disturbing asbestos fibres is dangerous. That’s why, as the HSE recommends, you should avoid removing the old roof completely. Instead, using a coating that encapsulates loose fibres and lichens combines safety, weatherproofing, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Why use asbestos roof coating on your roof?

We’re the UK’s sole distributors for Fibroseal, one of several specialist roof repair systems we offer for different situations. It’s a proven asbestos roof coating that’s been used successfully since the 1990s.

Using a coating that’s specifically designed for asbestos roofing gives a newly-weatherproof roof and peace of mind from knowing the asbestos is under control. What’s more, your roof regains a cared-for appearance. You’ll also save money and effort by avoiding removal of the roof or paying for costly hazardous waste disposal.

How Fibroseal works

Application starts with Fibroseal Primer, which soaks through lichen and loose asbestos fibres to sound base material and binds everything together. The Fibroseal Topcoat then adds a second layer to ensure the binding’s durability and protect against moss, lichen and UV degradation. All our Fibroseal projects have a 10-year warranty.

Use our industrial and commercial roofing contractors

On any large fragile roof, asbestos cement roof coatings should only be applied by a specialist roofing contractor who’s experienced at working on asbestos roofs. To ensure that the work is done correctly and safely, we only use professional approved contractors. All are chosen for their customer care, proven roofing expertise and qualifications.

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