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Asbestos Roofing Contractors

Rewarding opportunities for experienced asbestos roof contractors and roof coating specialists

Are you an experienced commercial roofing contractor who’d like to build your business using the acclaimed Fibroseal Coatings System for asbestos roof repair on industrial and commercial buildings? As the sole UK supplier of Fibroseal coatings, we’re recruiting asbestos roofing contractors who want to repair asbestos roofs with this easy-to-apply product.

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Why use Fibroseal commercial roof coatings in your business?

As a roofing contractor who uses Fibroseal, you’ll be able to compete on speed, cost and quality using a proven product with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and much longer life expectancy

What’s more, if you’ve ever been put off doing asbestos roof repairs because of the need for high-pressure cleaning, you’ll love Fibroseal. That’s because it was developed to avoid pressure washing. Instead, it works by encapsulating the lichen and friable surfaces on old asbestos roofs.

Since the 1990s, Fibroseal has proved itself in the harsh Australian climate. As the exclusive UK distributor we’re now looking for more asbestos roofing contractors, primarily in South East, North East and North West England. You’ll need to move fast, because there are just a few opportunities and we only want the best commercial roofing contractors with asbestos experience…

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Are you seeking industrial and commercial roof repairs?

Are you a building owner or operator with an asbestos roof to repair? By providing leads to our approved contractors and supplying Fibroseal, we take the hassle out of repair or refurbishment of asbestos roofs like yours. If you found this page by searching for ‘asbestos roofing contractors’ or ‘industrial roofing contractors’ we should talk.

Naturally, as an established supplier of coatings to asbestos roofing contractors, we’ll advise on the right roof repair product – and introduce you to our approved asbestos roofing contractors.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can design a bespoke solution to repair your asbestos roof and weatherproof your building.

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