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How Our Services Work

You need asbestos roof repairs on an owned or leased industrial/commercial property. Now you want to understand how the commercial roof repair process works for such roofing. The easiest way is to call or email for a free initial consultation – no pressure, no hard sell, just unbiased advice from experienced commercial roof repairs specialists.

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More about our commercial roof repair service

If you want to know more before contacting us, here’s how our commercial roofing service works.

Every industrial roof repair is different. First we must understand more about your circumstances and your repair/refurbishment objectives. It’s possible (but highly unlikely) that our range of services won’t be right for you. If so, we’ll tell you. As principled commercial roofing contractors, we’ll never try to push asbestos roof repairs that aren’t right for you.

During our initial telephone consultation, we can decide whether a visit would help you. If so, one of our specialists will visit you and your building anywhere in the UK. During this visit, we’ll work out the right industrial roof repair for you. Then we’ll prepare budget costings for your approval.

And so to actually repairing your asbestos cement roof. To understand our approach, we must explain how and why asbestos roofs deteriorate with time.

Deterioration happens because of weathering over years of exposure. A loose surface layer develops, often colonised with dark lichen. This attacks the cement and exposes the asbestos fibres. The surface becomes unstable, the asbestos sheeting weakens and the dark colour raises roof-cavity temperatures – it’s time to contact your industrial roofing contractors (or call us on 0800 6120 750 or email us).

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The asbestos roof coating process traditionally started with high-pressure jetting to remove moss and loose asbestos fibres. To do this safely and without damaging the roof requires costly specialist equipment and operatives. That’s why we offer a specially developed system for encapsulating asbestos fibres without requiring power washing. Naturally, we also work with leading asbestos roof cleaning specialists if cleaning is unavoidable.

Asbestos roofing repairs

The Fibroseal Coatings System was developed in response to this requirement and concerns about the instability of weathered asbestos roofs in communities. It’s a proven, effective treatment that minimises the danger of hazardous airborne fibres and gives an attractive durable finish. Naturally, because we’re the sole UK Fibroseal distributor, this system features in our range of products for industrial roof repairs.

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A free initial consultation about asbestos roof repairs really is the first easy step towards peace of mind and protection of your property.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can design a bespoke solution to repair your asbestos roof and weatherproof your building

For free initial advice, please call 0800 6120 750 right away or email us